Cultural Construction - Minghui Intelligent Electric and Mingjun Automation Basketball Friendly Match

2021-11-02 15:26:43 浙江明晖智能电气有限公司 Viewd 1074

In order to enrich the cultural, sports and entertainment life of the employees, give full play to the teamwork spirit of the employees, and enhance the corporate cohesion and pride among the employees. On the afternoon of October 30, the friendly basketball match between Minghui Intelligent Electric and Mingjun Automation was held on the company's basketball court. The employees of the two companies responded positively and organized the teams to participate in the game; the off-court employees were even more enthusiastic, cheering and shouting made the atmosphere of the basketball game continue to heat up, the staff actively did a good job in logistical support, the referees were impartial and selfless, and all the team members really played their part. With the spirit of friendship first and competition second, the game has shown style and level.

Although everyone is a close colleague off the court, on the court it is you who compete with each other and never miss a chance to score. With the encouragement of everyone's longing eyes and friendly shouts, after 40 minutes of hard fighting In the end, the Minghui Intelligent Electric Team defeated the Mingjun Automation Team with a greater advantage and won this basketball friendly match.

▲ Competition photo

This basketball game not only enriched the amateur cultural and sports life of the employees, but also ignited the enthusiasm and confidence of the majority of employees to join sports. Let every employee who loves sports rekindle the passion of sports. It embodies the corporate spirit that our company has been advocating to focus on cultivating the comprehensive quality of employees and grow together. The friendly game achieved the expected effect, and at the same time, with the unique charm of basketball, it also showed us a vibrant youthful atmosphere.  

In the future, the company will hold more and better cultural and sports activities to enrich the company's corporate culture construction and promote the vigorous and rapid development of the company!