Lean production, full participation, continuous improvement

2021-11-03 08:29:33 浙江明晖智能电气有限公司 Viewd 897

On the afternoon of October 9, 2021, the "Minghui Smart Electric Lean Digitalization Project Launch Conference" was held in Conference Room No. 5. A total of 110 people from various departments attended the meeting.

First of all, the technical research and development director Zhou Zong introduced the lean digital project, and gave a detailed introduction to the company's current situation, projects to be implemented and future improvement plans, and then the executive vice president Zhang Zong made a mobilization to mobilize all the The employees should participate, and read out the appointment document of the project implementation team, and clarify the responsibilities of the team; the general manager of the company, Mr. Zhang, made a concluding speech. This project is of great significance, and all employees need to raise their awareness and promote lean production methods. It is a process of continuous improvement and never-ending reshaping of corporate culture. Enterprises should take lean management as a long-term strategic task, persevere and unswervingly continue to carry out, follow the basic principles of lean production, constantly find problems, summarize and solve problems in the process of promotion, and formulate and implement active promotion strategies. Avoid formalism and truly achieve lean production. Chairman Huang Dong made an important speech, reaffirming the importance of full participation, as well as the realization of a win-win situation between employees and the company, the growth of employees and the development of the company.

▲ Zhou Zongzuo project introduction

▲ Zhang Bingwei's deputy chief mobilized and read out the document

▲ General Manager Zhang Luo made a concluding speech

▲ Chairman Huang Jianping made an important speech