ML5 electromagnetic leakage circuit breaker

ML5 electromagnetic leakage circuit breaker is suitable for AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated voltage 230V to 400V, rated current 16-63A in distribution lines and electrical equipment, for direct or indirect contact with live objects, leakage, fire accidents and insulation damage and other faults effective protection. This product is an electromagnetic leakage circuit breaker. When leakage occurs in the line and electrical equipment, the signal output by the zero-sequence current transformer will push the release to act, and the power will be cut off within 0.1 seconds, so as to realize the leakage protection function; the product not only It is widely used in stable electricity consumption places such as residences, hotels, office buildings, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. It is more suitable for places with more hidden dangers in electricity management such as construction sites.


1. Accurate leakage protection and low failure rate;

2. No auxiliary power supply is required, and the protection performance is stable;

3. Small electromagnetic interference.

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