MHZM5E electronic plastic case circuit breaker

MHZM5E series electronic plastic case circuit breakers are suitable for circuits with AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated voltage to AC690V, and rated current to 800A. They are generally used for power distribution protection and can also be used as motor protection. Under normal circumstances, circuit breakers can be used for infrequent conversion of lines and infrequent start-up of motors, respectively.MHZM5E circuit breaker can be co-selected with a communication function module, so that the circuit breaker can be upgraded to a communication type circuit breaker, to achieve the ”four remote" functions, namely remote control, remote adjustment, telemetry, and remote communication. 


1. Small size

2. High breaking ability

3. Short flying arc

4. Anti-vibration

5. Modular accessories, fast installation, convenient and timely addition of accessories

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