Minghui Electric joins hands with the "Electrical Appliances and Energy Efficiency Management Technology" Summit Forum

2020-09-23 08:15:23 浙江明晖智能电气有限公司 Viewd 898

On the afternoon of September 15th, the 6th China "Electrical Appliance and Energy Efficiency Management Technology" Summit Forum with the theme of "Industrial Interconnection, Digital Empowerment, and Intelligent Upgrade" was successfully concluded in Shanghai.

The event was hosted by the Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute, supported by China Renewable Energy Society, General Low Voltage Electric Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, and New Energy Electrical Appliances Alliance, and Zhejiang Minghui Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd. and other industry companies as special thanks. Wang Yanqing, general manager of Minghui Electric, participated in this industry event with the marketing department and R&D department, and discussed and exchanged with experts from well-known scientific research institutions, power system research institutes, and enterprise technology fields in my country's current industrial Internet, energy transformation, intelligent The most cutting-edge key technologies involved in manufacturing and new infrastructure, such as smart appliances and power distribution control technology, AC and DC technology, microgrids, power electronics, and smart manufacturing to help companies develop high-quality and other fields.

As a rising star in the low-voltage electrical industry, Zhejiang Minghui Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd. promotes development with "lean and intelligent manufacturing". It has a first-class automated production system in the industry, and its key product lines are ahead of similar companies. At this forum, Minghui Electric brought three series of high-quality products of low-voltage electrical distribution, terminal and industrial control to the exhibition, including MHZW3 universal circuit breaker, MHZM3 plastic case circuit breaker, MHZQ5 automatic dual power transfer switch, MHZB2 small Circuit breakers, MHZD2 small isolation switches, MHZC1 AC contactors and other products. This exhibition fully demonstrated Minghui Electric's international technical capabilities and leading manufacturing level. The company's products can meet the stringent requirements for the quality of low-voltage electrical products in smart city construction and industrial upgrading, and were highly recognized by the participants!

Zhejiang Minghui Intelligent Electric adheres to its excellent genes, inherits its profound heritage, and continues to cultivate in the field of medium and high-end low-voltage electrical appliances. It has built a high-end intelligent manufacturing industrial base covering an area of more than 60 acres and a building area of about 50,000 square meters, integrating digital, information and intelligence. . In the future journey, Minghui Electric will be committed to building an international leading low-voltage electrical lean and intelligent manufacturing expert, continue to focus on the low-voltage electrical industry, and be customer-centric, provide customers with technologically advanced, safe and reliable high-performance products, and focus on ubiquitous products. The construction direction of the Internet of Things, driven by technological innovation, will work together to build a new smart electric ecology and write a new chapter in the digital future!